Staging homes in the San Francisco Bay Area

Statistics Prove It!

The National Association of Realtors reports 87% of buyers are looking for move in ready! 95% of buyers are scrolling images online before they decide...Time to stand out with a professionally staged home!

Service Offerings

How Many Days Do You Need?


We offer tailored staging packages from 7 to 90 days or more. Some homes sell very quickly, while others need more time to find the right buyer. Why pay for 60 days when you only need 14? And if you pay for 60+ days, shouldn't you get a better deal? As professional stagers - We think so!

Tiered Pricing For Staging Packages


The longer you book with us, the less you pay per day! We believe in fairness, quality, responsiveness & value. We will work with you along the way, keeping you up to date and informed. Tell us what you need, and we'll make it happen. 

Experience & Know How


In the business of assisting families with estate matters since 1986, we love to bring out the character & personality of each home we enter! We love a challenge, most especially making each home truly unique.

Estate Matters


We have come to learn, that when you determine you are moving, there is a great deal to consider. You have furniture, decor, collectibles and everyday living items. With our company, CalEstates - we take care of all aspects when you want to appraise or sell your items too. If we can incorporate your unwanted furniture into the staging decor, we will - and then sell it later.

Real Estate


Your home is more than likely, your biggest asset! As professional stagers, we are here to make it look amazing with staging, and here to list it if you are looking for an incredible partner for your real property transaction. When we handle the listing of your real estate with Sotheby's International Real Estate, we also take care of your staging and the selling of any of your personal property that you do not wish to keep. Our clients call us a 'Professional One Stop Shop' !

Private Consultations


We'll meet you in your living room, sit down and learn about what you need, what your goals are, what your timing is...If you want to sell your real estate, your collectibles, and yes, of course, if you want to have your home staged too! If you are a real estate professional - great! We are with Golden Gate Sotheby's, but no matter your own brokerage, we are here to make your homes look amazing and sell quickly to the highest bidder!

Our Partners